REALTORS® Association of Lincoln

Fill out form completely, then print and submit to the address at bottom of form. If you want to print a blank form, go here. If you have any questions about this application, they should be directed to Julie Sailer, Operations Manager, REALTORS® Association of Lincoln (402-441-3623).
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I acknowledge that all information contained in this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I hereby apply for Affiliate Membership in the REALTORS® Association of Lincoln, enclosing payment in the amount of $ (see details below) which I understand will be refunded in the event I am not elected to membership.

I agree, if elected to Affiliate Membership, to abide by the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations of the REALTORS® Association of Lincoln and to pay all dues and fees as may be established from time to time. Should a lockbox system key be issued, Affiliate Member agrees to abide by the bylaws, rules and regulations of Midlands MLS, Inc.

I irrevocably waive all claims against the REALTORS® Association of Lincoln or any of its officers, directors or members, for any act in connection with the business of the Association, and particularly as to its or their acts in electing or failure to elect, advancing, suspending, expelling, or otherwise disciplining me as an applicant, or as a member. Upon the expiration of said membership for any cause, I will return to the Association all certificates, signs, seals, or other indications of membership in the Association.

DATE: SIGNATURE: ______________________________
Annual REALTORS® Association of Lincoln Affiliate Dues:
(from October 1 through September 30)

REALTORS® Association of Lincoln Prorated Dues: $
Application Fee: (one time only) $
Make payable to "RAL"
Please contact me regarding the lease of an electronic key for use with the Midlands MLS keybox system. (optional service)

Submit Completed Application to:
REALTORS® Association of Lincoln
8231 Beechwood Dr.
Lincoln, NE. 68510